Coffee dispenser in chromed brass and gilded with containers and bins in transparent glass; in many elegant solutions practical and secure personality, equipped by a scoop.
The design is accurate in every detail to obtain an object that does not pass unnoticed.

  • D1CAF/5

  • D1CAF/10

  • D2CAF/5

  • D3CAF/5

  • D6CAF/2

  • D8CAF/6

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All measurements are in inches unless otherwise noted. Our products are manufactured according to design criteria that ensure durability and lasting stability; cleaning is only necessary the foresight to use a sponge dampened with water and a non-abrasive cloth to dry. Should not be treated with acids or washing powders or scored for negligence.

The Company Capannoli reserves, at its sole discretion, to make changes in order to improve production.